Art Guitar Box Wall Era Distortion

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Art Guitar Box Wall Era Distortion

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The Wall Era Distortion will give you a sweet distortion and an additional wah-filter control. The distortion has a volume knob and a drive knob but the drive actually works as a voltage controller usable for strange textures (only for the distortion effect). .

The Wall Era Distortion is for all you guitarists and bassist out there that have been begging for a fixed wah pedal. Featuring voltage controlled gain distortion and a separate sweepable filter, the Wall Era Distortion brings a new ball game to effects pedals. Perfect for bass, guitar, or synth, the Wall Era Distortion has a filter that can be used on its own or in conjunction with the distortion. The distortion control actually changes the voltage in the gain circuit to produce different levels of gain, but also different textures. The Wall Era Distortion is a truly unique effect built point-to-point by hand.

The Wall Era Distortion is wacky. The distortion is pure transistor overload from mild and fuzzy to bright and crunchy. Different settings of the gain control yield different textures as well as gain levels and the filter is perfect for obtaining the tone (think In My Head by Queens of the Stone Age). The filter has an adjustable sweep so you can filter any frequency you like. The Wall Era Distortion is a very usable tool for guitar or bass.

True bypass design minimizes tone loss.
Aluminum alloy casing with stoving varnish finish.
Dimensions: 118 x 90 x 33 mm



Art Guitar Box Wall Era Distortion